The Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Carpet Underlay

When it comes to carpet fitting, the magic often lies beneath the surface. Our team at GetCarpeted, understand that a carpet is only as good as its underlay. Choosing the correct underlay can make a world of difference to the feel and durability of your flooring. We have highlighted the reasons as to why having the correct underlay is vital for ALL flooring. 

Why Underlay Matters

The underlay is the layer of material between your carpet and floor. It’s not just about extra cushioning, a good underlay improves insulation, soundproofing, and comfort. It also enhances the durability of your carpet by absorbing the impact of foot traffic, thereby extending its life.

Underlay for Different Floor Types

Concrete Floors: For concrete bases, you need an underlay that offers excellent moisture resistance. A rubber underlay can be a great choice here, providing a moisture barrier while ensuring comfort underfoot.

Floor Boards: With floorboards, a felt underlay is ideal. It’s perfect for smoothing out imperfections and offering that plush, comfortable feel you love.

Types of Underlay

Felt Underlay: Made from recycled fibres, felt underlay is all about comfort and sustainability. It’s perfect for those looking for an eco-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on luxury.

Rubber Underlay: Durable and moisture-resistant, rubber underlay is a popular choice for high-traffic areas and damp-prone spaces like basements.

Choosing the Right Thickness

The thickness of your underlay depends on the level of comfort you desire and the specific requirements of your space. Thicker underlays offer more cushioning and insulation, ideal for bedrooms and living areas. In contrast, thinner underlays might be more suitable for areas with heavy furniture to avoid too much movement of the carpet.

At GetCarpeted, we’re not just experts in fitting carpets, we’re passionate about ensuring every layer of your flooring is perfect. From advising on the best underlay for your specific needs to our meticulous fitting process, we’re here to make sure your flooring experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Remember, a great carpet isn’t just about the material or colour, it’s about the foundation it lies on. Contact us today to discuss your underlay needs and how we can help bring comfort and durability to your floors.

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